The skincare expert for babies’ skin for nearly 70 years, we carry out new research in an on-going effort to imagine the best possible care products, giving the priority to ingredients of natural origin. We are concretely committed to protecting the environment and our planet, while always preserving our values – those of a family business that continues to design and produce its products in France, with love.

Fillerina, which Labo has been working on since 2007 (the year the trademark was registered), is the first generation of filling and plumping treatments for at-home use: it works in such a way as to be presented as a cosmetic filling treatment for at-home use and to be applied externally.

In the heart of the French Alps, our water has flowed for 75 years. As the seasons pass by, it gets enriched with minerals and trace elements. In the center of the Uriage-les-Bains village the water spouts to create a regenerating thermal spring. Unique properties are born from this journey. Uriage, your skin is revitalized with the French Alps Thermal Water

Behind our lovingly handcrafted products, there are real people. People who perfect the secret power of herbs to release their maximum potency for true beauty – your beauty. Healthy skin and beautifully nourished hair have been at the heart of our Swiss family business since 1890. Now in our fourth generation, we are personally committed to our unique herbal treasure.

APIVITA was founded in Athens in 1979 by two pharmacists. It offers effective natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. Its formulas harness the power of Greek nature with key ingredients derived from valueadded bee products and medicinal plants, enhanced by cutting edge green cosmetology.

Theodent toothpastes use the power of cacao to help protect teeth and reduce enamel hypersensitivity. Theodent‘s active ingredient, Rennou, is a blend of theobromine, calcium, and phosphate that is designed to maximize rapid enamel remineralization. Theodent is clinically proven to be more effective than fluoride toothpastes at remineralizing tooth enamel and reducing sensitivity.

All of the Eau de Perfume are elegant, refined, and unique French creations that contain more than 90% ingredients of natural origin. The raw materials that compose them have been selected with the greatest care to reveal each facet of your perfume and sublimate it throughout the day. Experience a unique olfactory journey and emotions revealed by each of our Eau de Perfume.

Botanycl was founded based on my own struggle with skin problems, which I had for many years. I tried all sorts of harsh chemical products with no results, and finally started to research scientific studies and testimonials which led me to a few natural, plant-based ingredients.

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